This is a short story about Bodyteatox and it cannot complete all of the questions you may have, so please do contact us if you want to ask something, anything and whenever and expect our team to reply to you within 24 hours. Click here to be redirected to our contact page and choose your preferred contact method


Bodyteatox is a new YOU!

Bodyteatox will offer the best for you and works towards providing products to everyone, yes everyone. We don't believe in every person being same, everybody is different - everybody has its own goals, everybody has its body and every body is different. This is why Bodyteatox will bring the best for you and will never put you down. Bodyteatox will be a healthy, beneficial and goal-ish friend for you to offer everything you need or want. Give us a try and be ready to tick all of your boxes 


You can read this today and enjoy our teatox tomorrow!

So it's true - timing is important. Time impacts each and one of us and we usually make excuses because of it. Bodyteatox is quick and efficient way to meet your desired goals. Making tea is so fast and will only take around 2-3 minutes, it's that simple. Out of 1440 minutes in a day - we can definitely fit in the teatox. We also understand how impatient some people are, so we offer a next day delivery for online orders.


Now, don't judge our teatox by its simple packaging because simple is beautiful

We want people to know our teatox by its inside - power, value, ingredients and healthiness. This is why we give you a promise that our teatox is made out of best and organic ingredients and is healthy-wise for everyone. We also ensure that we know and see what ingredients go into our tea bags. Ingredients were deeply researched and combined into one wellness drink to ensure we get all of the benefits at the same time. 


Our care and importance of others around us

We make a big circle with our team and partners who work together to make Bodyteatox special and healthy. We communicate with worldwide specialists and get the best ingredients from variety of the countries. Organic ingredients are mainly from Africa, Asia and China which are known for producing highest amounts of tea but also have a high knowledge on their experience of the tea. The research and knowledge therefore ensures that we can provide healthy teatox for our customers, because everybody is important to us. We also have a responsible, hard-working customer service and therefore you can expect our reply within 24 hours - not a second longer!


We love our customers and we want to be involved worldwide

This distance should not stop anyone from getting something they want and that means if you want our teatox - you can get it easily. We provide worldwide shipping and no matter where you are. Our delivery services are affordable and is available for everyone however if there is a problem occured please contact us to ensure you do not miss out.