Does Bodyteatox have best before date?

Bodyteatox does not have best before date and that is because natural ingredients are not sprayed or used or with other harmful substitutes and chemicals. They are naturally grown and organic to keep the freshness and taste. However we do want to advise you that once opened do use it within the time frame for the effectiveness!

Can I consume alcohol while using Bodyteatox?

Absolutely no, that is because the tea you’re drinking is working towards flushing out bad toxins and to help you reduce your bloating. Alcohol can make toxins and calories to come back so do stay away from alcohol, fizzy drinks and fatty foods for best effectiveness!

What are your best tips while using Bodyteatox?

We want you to be 100% sure and positive about your new lifestyle so please make sure you look at our plans and make a use of those for best effective results. We do recommend you to stay away from alcohol, sugar, takeaways and more!

How long does delivery take?

Items are dispatched on the same day before 5pm and times may vary depending on the countries and any customs. UK usually 1-2 working days, Europe 3-6 working days, Worldwide 4-10 working days.

Can I use Bodyteatox while breast feeding, being pregnant or using any medication?

Please always consult your doctor before using any teatox only because your doctor knows you health and can provide you with best information.

What are the side effects of using Bodyteatox?

There are no negative side effects of Bodyteatox and only feeling-good days. Bodyteatox can make you feel alive, relaxed, energised and positive throughout the usage. Energy is a main effect of this and therefore we advise you to use this efficiently by some exercise, extra walking or doing things you love! However, we are all different and some may have reaction or discomfort on the use just because of the new drink that is being consumed. Some effect may include cramping and that is your body is trying to rid itself of bad toxins, do be aware that it does get better once it is all out of your system. So be patient and stick with it, but do not use if feeling sick. Body may be reacting differently and if you do not feel well please stop using and consult your GP.